All styles come with a 6 month warranty, except for the level entry boots E101 BR, E 201 C & B209 which are covered by a 3 Month warranty. So in the unlikely event there is something wrong with your new footwear, you’re totally covered.

Both 3 and 6 month manufacturer’s warranties start from the day you buy your new footwear. The warranty covers manufacturing defects in both leather upper and polyurethane sole. Always keep your receipt as proof of purchase and evidence of the warranty starting date.

If a warranty claim is necessary, return your footwear to the original place of purchase.

Does NOT cover

  • Wear and tear
  • Excessive wear (including wear holes, lacerations and worn stitching)
  • Heat damage from excessive exposure
  • Fit related problems (once worn outdoors)
  • Footwear returned beyond the warranty period